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Productivity Software For
Singapore Income Tax Computations

SINGTAX Corporate 2018/2019 and SINGTAX Personal 2018/2019 are pre-approved (from 5 Oct 2018 to 31 Sept 2019) digital solutions under the Digital Transformation for Accountancy (DTACT) programme. 
Qualifying Small and Medium-sized practices (SMPs) providing accounting services can get funding support of up to 70% for the first year of adoption of pre-approved@DTACT digital solutions, with the total grant amount capped at S$30,000. More information on DTACT programme can be found at

By fully automating the tax calculation process (a constant bottleneck), SINGTAX radically reduces the time taken to finish a tax computation. Its ease of use enables even tax novices to perform fairly complex tax computations quickly, guided by the systematic approach built into the software. You do not need high level staff to perform these tax calculations. The review function usually perform by higher level staff can then focus on purely tax issues and risks instead of checking calculations and cross referencing. The management of staff turnover risk is also addressed since there are no worries about different formats or formulas used by different staff. Standard formats and formulas will be adopted as a result of using SINGTAX.

SINGTAX empowers tax personnel to work smarter and more efficiently resulting in productivity growth. The resultant productivity growth translates to substantial cost savings as well as better profits for the firm or individual performing these computations. Read more on WHY SINGTAX is the better and smarter way to perform Singapore Income Tax computations.

SINGTAX Comes in 2 editions:

SINGTAX logo Corporate : for performing Singapore corporate (or company) tax computations.
SINGTAX logo Personal : for performing Singapore personal (or individual) tax computations.

Existing users of SINGTAX Corporate and SINGTAX Personal include CPA firms, tax agents, MNCs, SMEs, etc.